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The Governing Council consists of members appointed by the Visitor. The members are erudite scholars and well seasoned in their fields of endeavour. The members of the Council are drawn from varied sections of the society and are experienced persons of untainted integrity, courage and stature. The Governing Council is responsible to the Visitor.

Mallam Yusuf Olaolu Ali SAN(Pro-Chancellor & Chairman)


1. Mallam Yusuf Olaolu Ali SAN - Pro-Chancellor & Chairman

2. Professor Labode Popoola - Vice-Chancellor

3. Professor (Mrs.) Janet Olubukola Olaitan - Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Administration & Development

4.Professor Charles Abiodun Alao - Member

5. Professor Solomon Akinboye - Member

6. Professor Kasali Adegoke - Member

7. Sir Ademola Aladekomo - Member

8. Dr. (Mrs.) Abeke Omotoso - Member

9. Engineer Tunde Ponnle - Member

10. Professor Amos Oladele Popoola (Senate Representative) - Member

11. Professor A.L. Kehinde (Senate Representative) - Member

12. Dr. M.O. Abanikannda (Congregation) - Member

13. Mr. Titus Deji Adeniyi (Congregation) - Member

14. Mr. Sunday Festus Olajide (Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education) - Member

15. Mrs. Adebimpe Ogunlumade (Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance) - Member

16. NUC Representative - Member

17. Alumni Representative - Member

19. Mr. G. A. A. Shittu - Registrar and Secretary to the Council

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The University Council shall have the power and overall responsibility to:

(a) Make statutes for the organisation, policy, structure, powers, development, financing, responsibilities and general management of the university.

(b) Acquire landed and other forms of property for the use of the university.

(c) Control and superintend the affairs of the university.

(d) Determine the procedure for financing the university.

(e) Determine the terms and conditions of appointment of the Vice Chancellor; and other staff of the university.

(f) Appoint, promote and discipline the staff of the university on the advice of appropriate committees.

(g) Consider and approve annual budgets, short-term, medium- and long-term development proposals of the university.

(h) Consider and approve the annual report.

(i) Consider and approve Auditors' reports at the end of each academic year.

(j) Conduct a visitation to the university at least once in every five years when new colleges/departments/programmes will come in.


The Council normally operates through the committee system. The following shall be the main Committees of Council:

i. Finance and General Purposes Committee

ii. Appointments and Promotions Committee

iii. Tenders Board

vii. Academic Development Committee

Other committees may be established as the Council may deem fit.

The Council shall therefore carry out its functions through the following major committees:

(i) Finance and General Purposes Committee

The functions of the Finance and General Purposes Committee shall be the scrutiny of the university's budget and other financial transactions before they are presented to the Governing Council. The Chairman of Council shall also be the Chairman of the Finance and General Purposes Committee while the other members will be the Vice-Chancellor and five representatives of the Council.

(ii) The Tenders Committee

The main function of the Tenders Committee shall be the consideration of tenders submitted by contractors wishing to execute all major projects of the University. The Chairman of Council shall also be Chairman of the Tenders Committee. Other members will include the Vice-Chancellor, four other Council members, four representatives of Senate, one representative of the Committee of Provosts, Directors and Deans and the Registrar.

(iii) Appointments and Promotions Committee

The Appointments and Promotions Committee shall deal with the issues of the interview and appointment of staff of the University and present these to the Governing Council for its consideration. The Appointments and Promotions Committee will also consider staff of the University for confirmation of appointment and promotion. The Vice-Chancellor shall be the Chairman of the Appointments and Promotions Committee. Other members of the Committee will include the Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Registrar, Bursar, Librarian, Provosts of Colleges/Deans of Faculties, two representatives of Senate, Head of the Department concerned, if not already a member, and five other Council members.

(iv) The Fundraising Committee

The main function of the Fundraising Committee shall be to undertake fund-raising activities for the University. Although the Chairman of the Fund-Raising Committee shall be the Vice-Chancellor, the Chairman of Council shall render support as may be required from time to time. Other members of the Committee are three representatives of Council, three representatives of Senate, three representatives of Alumni Associations, the Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Registrar, Bursar and Librarian.

(v) Disciplinary Committee

The terms of reference of the Disciplinary Committee shall be:

(1) To investigate, consider and determine all disciplinary cases involving senior members of staff of the University except the Vice-Chancellor, the Deputy Vice-Chancellors or any other member of staff as the Council may direct, provided always that any member of staff aggrieved by a decision of the Committee may appeal to Council for reconsideration within twenty-one days of the decision of the Committee;

(2) To make recommendations to Council on any other matter that will be in the interest of proper discipline of members of staff of the University; and

(3) To report to Council from time to time.

(vi) Academic Development Committee

The Academic Development Committee will receive and consider submissions from the Senate on all issues relating to academic development in the University including establishment of new academic programmes and units. The Committee will also advise Council on matters connected to academic development of the University in addition to reporting to Council from time to time.

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