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Osun State University is an autonomous public institution with the general function of providing liberal higher education and encouragement fo the rapid advancement of learning throughout Nigeria.

The University consists of Visitor, Chancellor, Governing Council, Senate, Vice-Chancellor,  Congregation, all Graduates and Undergraduates of the University in accordance with the provisions of the Osun State University Edict.

The University visitor is the Osun State Governor... [Read more...]

The Chancellor is Mrs. Folorunso Alakija... [Read more...]

Governing Council
The Governing Council consists of members appointed by the Visitor. The members are erudite scholars and well seasoned in their fields of endeavour. The members of the Council are drawn from varied sections of the society and are experienced persons of untainted integrity, courage and stature. The Governing is responsible to the Visitor...[Read More...]

This is the highest academic body of the University and it is responsible for decisions on all academic matters in the system.  Because of the enormity of its businesses, Senate operates through an array of Committees such as the Committee of Provosts, Deans and Directors, Business Committee of Senate, Development Committee, Academic Matters Sub-Committee, Learned Conferences Support Committee, among others.  Senate is responsible for policies guiding the admission and graduation of students in the University.

The Vice-Chancellor is the executive and academic head of the University. He is the Chief exponent of the educational mission of the University and his office serves as the nerve centre of activities in areas of protocol, external relations and coordination of various internal organs. The Vice-Chancellor sees to the day-to-day administration of the University and sees that the goals of the University are met. He is responsible to the Governing Council for the management of the human, monetary and material resources of the University. The success of his job depends on his ability to lead, motivate and inspire administrative associates, academic and non-academic staff as well as students to work toward the central purpose of the University to advance learning and enhance talent.



Organizational Chart of the University

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